The Best of Bundys

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A repost since the original files are not longer online.
Bad quality but better than nothing…

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MTV Backstage with the Bundys – 1992

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Just before the year is over I’ve uploaded another video of the month.
It’s from 1992 and was aired on MTV.

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VotM #1/2011

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New year new Video of the Month – it’s been a long time very long time since the last one!

Christina Applegate @ the Pat Sajak Show

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RTL Easter-Weekend Teaser

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Biography Channel – MWC

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“Shoe Dick” from the forum told me that there has been a mwc special from the biography channel!
It’s great, so here it is.

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TV Land Awards

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A few weeks ago the TVLand has rolled out their red carpert at the Universial Studios LA to celebrate the best series in classic television!

Married with children has won the Innovator Award.

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A day in the life of mwc


“Robin saves David”

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[deutsch weiter unten]

“Robin saves David”
What could that be…? It an guest appearing of David Faustino in the 90s series “Robin’s Hoods”. It’s the episode “Memories Are Made of This”. I’ve only cut some samples together. It’s in german (there it’s called Robins Club) – it’s so boring it needs no subtitles.


Hierbei handelt es sich um einen Gastauftritt von David Faustino in der 90er Serive “Robins Club”. Vermutlich kennt niemand diese Serie welche auf Super RTL lief. Ich habe einige Szenen aus der Episode “Memories are made of this” zusammengeschnitten.

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Katey Sagal @ Whoopi & Celebrity Profile

For the video of the month I’ve added today two videos with Katey Sagal.

Katey Sagal at the Whoopi Show:

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Katey Sagal Celebrity Profile (not complete – only 27:20 of ?? min):

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Reunion Special

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Today I’ve got the MWC-”Reunion Special (Feb. 2003)”.

Six years after the last season all the main actors sit together and talk about their best moments.



Katey Sagal presents the Al Bundy Night

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Here is a short teaser from RTL (german TV-Station). Katey Sagal presents the Al Bundy night.
It’s dubbed with her german voice. But I’ve subtitled it.

Download 2,4MB


Ed O’Neill @ David Letterman Show

Ed O’Neill at the David Letterman Show!

As Youtube Video:

For Downloading:
Download (12,4 MB)

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