The Best of Bundys

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A repost since the original files are not longer online.
Bad quality but better than nothing…

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MTV Backstage with the Bundys – 1992

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Just before the year is over I’ve uploaded another video of the month.
It’s from 1992 and was aired on MTV.

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Married with Children Video from Fox’s 25th Anniversary Show

Below the 4 Minutes part with the former Married with children cast from Fox’s 25th anniversary show.

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The Bundys are back!

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FOX 25th anniversary special airs next week!


The Bundys are back!

Fifteen years after Married With Children ended its 10-year run, the series’ main stars — Christina Applegate, 40, Ed O’Neill, 66, Katey Sagal, 57, and David Faustino, 38 — reunited March 16 on behalf of Fox’s 25th Anniversary Special. To celebrate, the pilot episode of Married With Children will air April 22 at 7 p.m. EST, followed by the 500th episode of The Simpsons.

Applegate recently revealed a fun fact about her final episodes of the series to Us Weekly: “During the last season of Married With Children, I wore a wig because I had dyed my hair purple and red. What a rebel.”

FOX’s Anniversary Special airs from 8:00-10:00 p.m. EST and will pay tribute to some of the network’s most memorable shows, including Married With Children, In Living Color and That ’70s Show.


VotM #1/2011

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New year new Video of the Month – it’s been a long time very long time since the last one!

Christina Applegate @ the Pat Sajak Show

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RTL Easter-Weekend Teaser

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Biography Channel – MWC

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“Shoe Dick” from the forum told me that there has been a mwc special from the biography channel!
It’s great, so here it is.

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TV Land Awards

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A few weeks ago the TVLand has rolled out their red carpert at the Universial Studios LA to celebrate the best series in classic television!

Married with children has won the Innovator Award.

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A day in the life of mwc


Samantho Who? – Canceled

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ABC has pulled the plug on comedy “Samantha Who?” after two seasons.
The show currently has 7 episodes that have not aired. It has not been determined whether these episodes will be aired over the summer or if they would only be seen on the DVD release of the show’s second season


4th & 5th episode of Star-ving

Here is the 4th & 5th episode of Star-ving.
Featuring Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal & Christina Applegate.

No things are getting done: David reads that a MWC movie is beeing shot and heads up to the shooting
location. Everyone is there but also a new Bud Bundy.


David Faustino on the Today Show

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Today David Faustino was on the Today Show talking about star-ving.

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