David Faustino’s divorce finalized

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“Married … with Children” actor David Faustino isn’t married anymore. Faustino, who played Bud Bundy on the hit TV comedy, ended his marriage to Andrea Faustino, according to documents filed Friday in Superior Court.

He filed for divorce in February, citing irreconcilable differences.

The documents also indicate the two reached agreements on spousal support, division of property and attorney fees, but further details were not disclosed.


Big Bundy Box Review

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Big Bundy Box

For a long time the bundy fans had to wait for a complete MWC-Box.
Sony has taken theirself a lot of time with the release of the complete seasons.

As we found out that Sony US planned to release a syndicated version of the fourth season we started here on albundy.net a petition for
– a faster release of the upcoming dvds
– un-syndicated episodes.

From that moment on Sony Germany (for the german speaking countries) released one dvd after the other in a very short term period.
And now they released this great Big Bundy Box with all seasons and some Bonus Material.

The Box itself has the form of a tv. You can even put an antenna (provided) on the top of the box.
The screen of the tv is a picture with an “open matte optic” (from tido – I haven’t heard that before). It’s a picture of the four actors on the Bundy couch.
On the left side you can open the box (I think that will be the first part that will be broken – followed by the handle of the box) to get out the folder with the dvds.

In that big dvd folder that’s inside the box are 34 DVDs. Three DVDs for each season (exept the first season) + 1 Bonus DVD + 1 DVD with two specials “Das Beste von den Bundys” & “Ein schrecklich netter Rückblick”
Each Season has it’s on page in that big folder. On the left page there are all titles listet and on the right side there are the dvds.
On the dvd labe we see always the outlines of two actors.

The DVDs seem to be the exact the same ones as in the regular season dvds. The menue, the content, the easter eggs and the mwc theme (on the first seasons the original one then the “new” one) are the same.

First four pages in the dvd folder

Inside the Box there is an autographed poster (A3). It’s not a new foto and the autographs are not new ones (for me they look the same as the ones from the MWC-Times – but I’ll check that too).

Special Magazine
Also there is a special magazin inside from the tv guide “TV-Movie”.
22 pages with new Interviews of the four main actors. A short quiz, some facts and 10 things to know about the bundys.
Nothing new for fans.
First two pages

On the Bonus DVD we have aprox. 1 hour of bonus material.
The material consists of two interviews. One with Katey Sagal and one with David Faustino.
Both interviews have been special produced for this Big Bundy Box.
Both actors talk about the show – How the got to the job – what the liked and what not, about the other actors end the end of the show.

For more info about the Interviews and some downloads check out the forum – http://www.albundy.net/php/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=946

It seems as there is no other hidden content (easter eggs) on that Bonus DVD.

The only “new” thing for a Bundy fan is the bonus dvd with the two new interviews.
All other stuff is nothing new. So if you already own the seasons I recommend not to buy the Big Bundy Box.


Katey Sagal – Short Big Bundy Box Intro

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Just a few words from Katey Sagal to the Big Bundy Box release in a week.

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