Problems with MWC S4 RC2-Release

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It seems as it was too good to be true….

It seems as are there some problems with the RC2 DVDs.
There are a few episodes with a speed/pitched up (?) voice of Al.

Here are two samples, one sounds “normal” the other one like a speed up verision (but it was not modified)


It seems as there was a problem while converting the videos from the NTSC to PAL standard.
There is a speedup from about 4%.


Christina Applegate divorced soon?

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Jonathon Schaech has filed for divorce today at the Los Angeles Superior Court . As a reason “irreconcilable differences” are cited.
Schaech will be represented by the high profile divorce attorney Laura Wasser.
“The decision is mutual,” they said in a joint statement without further comment.

The pair married only 4 years ago in Palm Springs (Oct. 21, 2001).

Applegate, Schaech


VotM December 05

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Ever wanted to see Ed cooking or doing Jiu Jitsu?
Now it’s your time!

Ed O’Neill at Home Family
Runtime: 18:31 mins

Ed O\'Neill at Home Family
Size Part I: 35 MB

Ed O\'Neill at Home Family
Size Part II: 30 MB

Notice: You need both downloads to play the video.

Spears has turned down Sweet Charity

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Britney Spears has turned down the offer to take over Christina Applegate’s role in Sweet Charity because she didn’t not want to uproot her family to New York, or to make that long of a committment.

Source: http://broadwayworld.com/viewcolumn.cfm?colid=6123

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