Russion MWC Remake – Happy Together

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Yesterday Arman from the Forum postet a link to a new MWC Remake.
This time the tv-station TNT (THT) from russia produced a serie calles Happy Together (Счастливы вместе).

It is shown every weekday at 18:30 .
At this time There have been recorded at least 116 episodes.

There text/storyline seems to be not exactly the same, but the the plot of the episodes is the same.
On big difference is, that the families don’t live in a house. Instead they have an appartment.

List of the actors.

City Bukit (Al): Viktor Loginov
Adam Bukina (Peggy): Natalia matures
Light Bukina (Kelly): Daria Sagalova
Roma Bukina (Bud): Sasha Yakin
Baron (Buck)
Eugene Stepanov (Jefferson): Alexei Sekirin
Lena Stepanov (Marcy): Julia al

Some photos
Happy Together photo 1
Happy Together photo 2
Happy Together photo 3

City Bukit - Al BundyAdama Bukina - Peggy Bundy
Light Bukina - Kelly BundyRoma Bukina - Bud Bundy
Baron - Buck

Lena Stepanov - Marcy D'ArcyEugene Stepanov - Jefferson D'Arcy

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