Russion MWC Remake – Happy Together

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Yesterday Arman from the Forum postet a link to a new MWC Remake.
This time the tv-station TNT (THT) from russia produced a serie calles Happy Together (Счастливы вместе).

It is shown every weekday at 18:30 .
At this time There have been recorded at least 116 episodes.

There text/storyline seems to be not exactly the same, but the the plot of the episodes is the same.
On big difference is, that the families don’t live in a house. Instead they have an appartment.

List of the actors.

City Bukit (Al): Viktor Loginov
Adam Bukina (Peggy): Natalia matures
Light Bukina (Kelly): Daria Sagalova
Roma Bukina (Bud): Sasha Yakin
Baron (Buck)
Eugene Stepanov (Jefferson): Alexei Sekirin
Lena Stepanov (Marcy): Julia al

Some photos
Happy Together photo 1
Happy Together photo 2
Happy Together photo 3

City Bukit - Al BundyAdama Bukina - Peggy Bundy
Light Bukina - Kelly BundyRoma Bukina - Bud Bundy
Baron - Buck

Lena Stepanov - Marcy D'ArcyEugene Stepanov - Jefferson D'Arcy


Rem rendes budapest – Bundy Remake

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[German Version/Deutsche Version]

On the 17th of October “Egy Rém Rendes Család Budapesten” was shown on the TV2 Channel in Hungaria.
It’s the latest “Married… with children” remake – after some others. See Bundy Copies.

The first episode is called “Új szomszédok” (Pilot).
The second one “Póker” (Poker) and the third one “Hol a fonök?” (Where’s the Boss).
The first season will have 26 episodes.

I don’t have any infos about the quotas.

I haven’t found out if they are exact copies of the originals or not.
It seems that some episodes are from the content the same as the original – like “Where’s the Boss” (Original MWC production Code: 111).

The actors:
Bándi Sanyi (Al) played by Tibor Szervét
Bándi Juci (Peg) -> Ágnes Bertalan
Bándi Dia (Kelly) -> Marsi Laura
Bándi Misi (Bud)

Here is a short clip

[Deutsche Version]

Am 17. Oktober feierte “Egy Rém Rendes Család Budapesten” auf dem Ungarischen Kanal in Ungarn Premiere.
Es ist das neuerste “Eine schrecklich nette Familie” Remake nach einer ganzen Reihe von Remakes (siehe auch Bundy Copies).

Die erste Folge hies “Új szomszédok” (Pilot/Neues beginnt).
Die zweite “Póker” (Poker) und die dritte “Hol a fonök?” (Wo ist der Chef).
Die erste Staffel wird 26 Folgen haben.

Über die Einschaltquoten habe ich keine Infos.

I habe noch nicht herausgefunden ob es sich bei den Folgen um genaue Kopien handelt oder nicht.
Einige Folgen sind jedoch scheinbar Inhaltlich vom Original übernommen. Wie zb. “Hol a fonök? / Der Boss” (Orignal ESNF Produktionscode 111).

Die Schauspieler:
Bándi Sanyi (Al) gespielt von Tibor Szervét
Bándi Juci (Peg) -> Ágnes Bertalan
Bándi Dia (Kelly) -> Marsi Laura
Bándi Misi (Bud)

Hier ist ein kurzer Clip


Rem rendes budapest – MWC Remakein Hungary / ESNF Remake in Ungarn

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[Deutsche Version weiter unten / German version is below]

On the 17th October the first episode of the Hungarian MWC remake “Rem rendes budapest” aired at the TV2 channel.

I’ll post some clips, photos & infos in the next two days.


Am 17. Oktober strahlte der ungarische Sender TV2 den Piloten des ESNF Remakes “Rem rendes Budapest” aus.

Infos, Clips & Photos folgen in den nächsten zwei Tagen.


another MWC remake?

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Belonging to this russion news site http://lenta.ru/articles/2005/08/22/tv/ the tv-station THT (TNT) plans to make remakes of MWC.

The bought the rights for 250 episodes.


In the new season TNT it is also intended to neglect sitcom, which will be removed on license Sony Pictures. Series is called “Married with children”. TNT has purchased rights to remake 250 series.

Another source: http://tv.net.ua/news.php?id=3872

During the development of comedy on TNT of the following in spring we will neglect the major project, which we will make together with Sony Pictures. This sitkom “Married with children”, it is transferred “they are married, with the children”, but in the Russian version it will be called differently. We purchased rights to remeyk of 250 series. We consider that this there will be breakthrough. We try to form our face according to the principle of dissimilarity, innovating, molodezhnosti and, possibly, provokativnosti.

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