Season 7 – Staffel 7

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Season 7 (RC2) seems to be released at the 5th October.

Staffel 7 (RC2) scheint am 5. Oktober veröffentlicht zu werdne.

MWC News in Hungary

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Yesterday I got an email from an hungarian MWC-Fan.
Unfortunately I deleted it (damn online webmail) before I sent an answer – if you are the sender, please send me that mail again.

He wrote, that MWC is still a great success in Hungary and that a tv-station/studio (?) has bought the rights (or tries to buy?) to re-produce the episodes.

He also send me a photo of a store in Budapest called “Al Bundy”. And guess what kind of store it is – yes, it’s a shoe store!

So maybe he reads that and sends the mail again, or maybe some other hungarian fan can tell us more about it.

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