another MWC remake?

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Belonging to this russion news site http://lenta.ru/articles/2005/08/22/tv/ the tv-station THT (TNT) plans to make remakes of MWC.

The bought the rights for 250 episodes.


In the new season TNT it is also intended to neglect sitcom, which will be removed on license Sony Pictures. Series is called “Married with children”. TNT has purchased rights to remake 250 series.

Another source: http://tv.net.ua/news.php?id=3872

During the development of comedy on TNT of the following in spring we will neglect the major project, which we will make together with Sony Pictures. This sitkom “Married with children”, it is transferred “they are married, with the children”, but in the Russian version it will be called differently. We purchased rights to remeyk of 250 series. We consider that this there will be breakthrough. We try to form our face according to the principle of dissimilarity, innovating, molodezhnosti and, possibly, provokativnosti.

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