First Review of the 5th season

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The guys from sitcomsonline.com have published their review on the 5th Married… with children season.

At first the good news: It seems that this season is not syndicated.

Here is a short excerp about the dvd-set:

Of course, the original theme song is missing again, and it looks unlikely that we will ever see it resurface on any of these DVDs. It is such a shame to see this missing; the generic theme song just isn’t as great as the real one! But at least the episodes are all there, and this time, unlike season 4, they seem to be almost all unedited, although I’m not so sure about “You Better Shop Around ­ Part 2.” It runs a little shorter than the rest, but it could just be that an opening teaser or something of that nature that talks about the first part is missing. Also, I have checked for the original music within the episodes, and unless I’m missing something, it appears that none of the music WITHIN the episodes has been replaced.

Source: http://www.sitcomsonline.com/marriedwithchildrenseason5dvdreview.html

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